Options for Purchasing This Course

The course "Unlocking Continuing the Journey to Literacy" is organized so you can take as much (or little) as you need to get up and running. There are three tiers:

  1. Tier One: Free This tier is for teachers who want a quick introduction to the course. It presents the 17 aspects of language arts and the six types of subject blocks so teachers have an overview of what they need to include in their language arts curriculum to prepare their students for high school.
  2. Tier Two: The Full Course This tier is for those who want to take the full course "Unlocking Continuing the Journey to Literacy."
  3. Tier Three: Gold Bundle This tier contains every course offered through Renewal of Literacy.

This concludes the free material in tier one. I hope you found it useful, and I hope to see you in the full course.

Please join me in renewing literacy--for the 21st century and beyond.


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