Overview of the Course

"Fundamentals of Waldorf Education" presents some of the more important ideas and concepts to emerge from Steiner's lectures.

There are 15 numbered sections in "Fundamentals of Waldorf Education," but the first 11 are the heart of the course. Each section is self contained, and each section builds from the one before. That means that you can do the entire course in order--or jump around and take just what you need. It is up to you.

Think of "Fundamentals of Waldorf Education" as either an 11-course meal for you to savor and enjoy at a leisurely pace OR as a fast-food restaurant where you can eat and run.

If You Would Like to Gain a Fuller Understanding of Steiner-Waldorf Education

If you would like to understand Steiner-Waldorf education, take each of the first 12 sections in order. There are quizzes at the end of each section so you can check your understanding.

If You Need to Get up and Running--NOW!

If you need to figure out Steiner-Waldorf education quickly, do the Quick Start in each section of this course and then bounce around from one section to another to get the information you need.

The Sections in "Fundamentals of Waldorf Education"

The course contains 15 sections, each with separate lessons. The sections are as follows:

  1. Welcome to Fundamentals of Waldorf Education
  2. Aspects that Make Waldorf Unique
  3. Anthroposophy: The Foundation of Waldorf Education
  4. The Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum
  5. Waldorf Principles and Methodology
  6. Waldorf Teaching Practices
  7. Assessment
  8. Self Development: Who You Are is as Important as What You Teach
  9. Social Renewal: Why Teach the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum (And How)?
  10. Sacred Nothings
  11. The Importance of Balance
  12. Professional Development: Study Questions for Waldorf Faculties, Homeschooling Cooperatives, and Waldorf Teacher Trainees
  13. The Answers to Students' Questions
  14. Resources
  15. Conclusion

I'd like to highlight a few resources before you get started.


Please note that section 14 is Resources. It contains the following:

  1. a glossary for unfamiliar terms
  2. a troubleshooting guide if you have technical issues with the course.

What To Do If You Need Additional Help

This course is designed to introduce Steiner-Waldorf education and help you get your bearings. This introduction will suffice for some teachers; however, others would benefit from additional support courses and/or mentoring.

  • I added plugs for related support courses. (I also will be making additional support courses. If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please contact me and let me know.)
  • I added plugs for mentoring throughout the course. That way, those who need help can get it. (Scroll down for an example.)
  • I will share options at the end of the course for those who would like to partner with Renewal of Literacy® to bring this information to more people.

Enjoy the journey--and thank you for helping me renew literacy!

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