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Hi, I'm Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl, and I am the author of The Roadmap to Literacy Books and the creator of Renewal of Literacy®.


My education is in foreign languages and linguistics and Waldorf education. I completed my BA at Grand Valley State University in Russian Studies (1994) and went on to two years of graduate school at University of Kansas (Slavic Languages and Linguistics). I completed Waldorf teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College--Fair Oaks, California (2005).

Professional Background

My professional background is in reading remediation and Waldorf education. I worked at Lindamood Bell Learning Processes (1999-2001) where I taught remedial reading and math to students and trained clinicians and teachers. During Waldorf teacher training, I worked with students in a non-public school; after teacher training, I worked with students at private Waldorf schools, including Sacramento Waldorf School, Camellia Waldorf School, and Davis Waldorf School. I also worked with students from charter Waldorf schools and homeschools. I have taught and assessed hundreds of Waldorf students, and I have taught workshops for scores of Waldorf teachers.


I have written three books:

My first book is The Roadmap to Literacy. I co-authored the original edition of The Roadmap to Literacy with Janet Langley (Langley and Militzer-Kopperl 2018) in order to improve Waldorf language arts instruction and assessment in grades 1-3. It shows teachers how to teach reading in grades 1-3 by matching instruction to the students' phases of learning to read and spell (rather than teaching a set curriculum to every student by grade). That way Waldorf schools can truly meet all students where they are at--and thus get up to 95% of students reading and spelling at grade level by the end of third grade.

My second book is the sequel Continuing the Journey to Literacy (Militzer-Kopperl 2020). The sequel shows teachers what to teach after they have taught their students to read. This book is a solo venture.

My third book is The Roadmap to Literacy: Renewal of Literacy® Edition (Militzer-Kopperl 2022), a new edition of Roadmap. This book is also a solo venture. I wrote this edition so readers would have the information they need to be successful with Roadmap and Continuing the Journey to Literacy.

  • It shows teachers how to fix the number one thing they are doing wrong when they use Roadmap so they can get up to 95% of students reading and spelling at grade level.
  • It prepares them to work with the sequel.
  • It proves that Roadmap aligns with Rudolf Steiner's indications.

The Renewal of Literacy Edition® will help teachers have greater success with Roadmap--and thus be ready to continue the journey to literacy.

Renewal of Literacy®

Renewal of Literacy® is an online, on-demand school to help teachers, homeschool parents, and schools learn optimal ways to use The Roadmap to Literacy Books--and thus improve language arts and literacy instruction for all students. This course is part of the larger program offered through Renewal of Literacy®.

Renewal of Literacy® is also an imprint for my books.


I have written for Waldorf journals (i.e., Research Bulletin and Waldorf Today). For a listing of my publications, click here.

Mission Statement

Renew education through a renewal of literacy.

Thank you all for your support! Please join me in renewing literacy--for the 21st century and beyond.

Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl

Renewal of Literacy®

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