This bundle is good for teachers who want to add some exercises to their curriculum.

Get all three keys to literacy capacities and save!

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Symbol Imagery
  • Concept Imagery

Help your students develop the literacy capacities they need for success!


I found this training to be very helpful in bringing alive the valuable concepts, tools and exercises that assist teachers in teaching students in grades one through three. The foundational concepts in phonemic awareness, symbol imagery and concept imagery come alive through the videos and instructions provided by Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl. They are integral to developing capacities in children that aid in developing their ability to become literature. Wile I teach slightly older students, I have been able to adapt the techniques to find relevance for my students. I am now working in a deeper, more informed way with spelling and comprehension. I also appreciate the opportunity to really understand the relevance and importance of symbol and comcept imagery. Thank you, Jennifer, for your important, pioneering work to improve my (and countless other Waldorf teachers') understanding of literacy and how to develop it in children. I better understand what, why, and how to meet the varied needs of students.

Renata Welker, Class Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the bundle of three courses?

You have one year to complete the courses.

Can I get individual coaching to go along with the course?

Yes, pending approval from the instructor.

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Yes. Contact the instructor for more information.

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Yes, up to 14 days after purchase.

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As an experienced Waldorf teacher, I found this material to be an excellent resource. Engage with it at your own pace; and if you already own the book, take the course anyway! Seeing the videos and hearing the presentations only helps to impress the material into your consciousness. Without being a "cookbook," Jennifer explains what we need to each and why.

Vivian Jonels-Schmidt, Class Teacher/Lotus and Ivy Virtual Classes